Areas of Research


Our bodies are teaming with trillions of cells that interact with one another in myriad ways. We use cutting-edge imaging, genetics, optogenetics, mathematical modeling, and graphic simulations to identify novel cell behaviors and interactions, tease apart their underlying mechanisms, elucidate their significance in vivo, and harness the mechanisms to improve human health.

Cell Cannibalism
Manipulating cell engulfment to treat immunodeficiency and cancer.
Cell Motility
Uncovering mechanisms of collective, cooperative cell migration in development and disease.
Cell Stress in Health and Disease
Mitigating ER stress to prevent neurodegeneration and blindness.
​​​​​​​Cellular Survival by Anastasis
Elucidating how cells recover from the brink of apoptotic cell death.
Germline Stem Cell Longevity
Harnessing natural dormancy programs to slow aging and prolong reproduction.
Deciphering how post-migratory cells make stable connections with new partners.